Zero Point

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Zero Point
Zero Point 1.jpg
Main player spawn complex
Location 0, 88, 0
Administrators fo0bar
Transit service LCS

Zero Point (ZP) is the main player spawn complex for the new world, a successor to God Complex in the old world. It is nearly twice the volume of God Complex, with an outer diameter of 102 x 51 x 30 meters. Inside, a river runs from north to south through it, with mini hills to the sides. A house sits inside it with supplies and beds. Underneath the complex's ceiling is a glass atrium which runs around the inside of the complex, and leads to the outside.

Zero Point was made in creative mode by fo0bar, but is made out of common materials in his possession (in sufficient quantities) in the old world, and will be the only use of creative mode in the new world. (Don't think of it as a cheat, think of it as a jump start for the new world.)