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Going live

  • The old world and map will be going down at approximately 5PM PST (8PM EST) on Friday, December 16. Sometime in the next 4 hours the server will be moved to, and the map to The old world server will remain at MC b1.8, so keep around those old JARs.
  • I'm shooting for approximately 9PM PST (12AM EST) for bringing up the new world and map at (default port, MC 1.0).
  • The old world will remain up for an indeterminate time, but long enough for people to settle in the new world and start planning on what to rebuild, so you'll have plenty of time to compare the old and new worlds. An archive of the old world will also somehow be made available, possibly as a torrent (it's about 1.5GB).


  • Stay between -2048, -2048 and 2048, 2048. That's still a LOT of space, just make sure to explore in multiple directions, not simply going in a straight line.
  • No /give, /gamemode, /tp. We're doing this old school. The new bot will actually report to the IRC channel when these things happen.
  • When you start to define where you'd like to settle, communicate early and often to others, to make sure other people aren't looking at the same areas.
  • Try not to settle too close to Zero Point, unless you're fine with having a small settlement area.
  • Some low-level supplies are in the second floor of the ZP house to get you started. If you chop down a tree, ESPECIALLY close to ZP, replant the tree. If you get creeper'd, make a note of your location to come back sometime later and replace your divot. Let's try to keep the immediate area around ZP as pristine as possible.
  • ZP is currently functionally useless except as a spawn point, let's hold some discussions about what to do about it as a hub. (Do we build a replacement GCS underneath it? Nether portals? etc)


  • If you do not have a wiki login yet, /msg fo0bar with your email address for a new account to be sent to you.
  • All of the old place articles have been recategorized in Category:Minecraft places (old world). When creating new places, use Category:Minecraft places like normal.
  • If you are recreating a place in the new world and it had an wiki article from the old world, move the old place's wiki article (using "Move" from the dropdown at the top-right corner) to the format "Place Name (old world)" before creating the new article "Place Name".
  • As always, when uploading screenshots, convert to JPG first, since the PNGs MC creates are huge. If you don't have a good image editing program and you're on Windows, is a good suggestion.