Wizard's Guild

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Wizard's Guild
The old Wizard's Guild.
Location 1500, 64, -1000
Administrators LolCam, JamesOfJames
Transit service None, netherwalk from JamesOfJames's portal.

Did you mean the Old Wizard's Guild? Oh, okay then.

The Wizard's Guild is centered at 1500, -1000 and is currently under construction. So far, the main area has been leveled for ease of construction, and construction has begun on the central structure and the supporting towers. While the central chamber is a common area primarily used as a lobby and ceremonial area, the towers each have a specific function. Some towers are built in the style of each Wizard's personal tower. The towers and their patron Wizards are as follows:

The membership of the guild includes its two founding members, Lev and Snark, as well as JamesOfJames. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the migration to Terra Nova, the Guild has loosened its membership requirements somewhat, at least temporarily. Applicants who can display an original Incantation or Magickal Work will be admitted, forgoing the usual Trials for membership.

Interesting Developments

  • Slimes have been found at x:1548, z:-1060.
  • It has come to our attention that someone is practicing dark arts without wizardly supervision. Appropriate actions will be taken as further investigations are performed.
  • The guild is currently keeping the Clan of the Dragon under surveillance due to their interest in the return of the Dragon Reborn. The Clan considers this return a positive thing, while the Wizard Archives speak of this being as being both powerful and dangerous, and as such the Guild wishes to prevent its return. Until this event however, a truce has been agreed between the two parties, for their mutual benefit and research opportunities.

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