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Minecraft name LolCam
Real name Kameryn Lehring
Minecraft home The Omega Tower
IRL location Louisville, Kentucky, United States

A friend of Ricky's via multiple foonetic irc channels. Chief Structural Artisan of Skyward Designs. Currently in the process of building the Alpha Tower, as well as finding mining partners.



  • Arrows.
  • Any wood.
  • Coal
  • String
  • Gold.
  • Snow
  • Diamond.
  • Lapiz or any type of dye.
  • Any assistance in mining.


  • Food.
  • Wood, specifically oak.
  • Structural Design Services. See section for details.
  • Nether Wart. Located in LolCam's Nether Depot Chest. Please exchange fairly.
  • Select Potions. See the Minecraft Wiki for identifying Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Potions.
    • 1 Primary Potion = 1 Iron Ingot.
    • 1 Secondary Potion = 3 Iron Ingots.
    • 1 Tertiary Potion = 5 Iron Ingots.

Structural Design Services


Skyward Designs was established to aid in the design and construction of any structure. Previous works include The Temple to the Adventurer, unfinished due to scorched earth complications. The services offered are as follows:

  • Design of Structure
  • Gathering of Materials
  • Construction of Structure

Payment will be discussed after the design process has been completed. Typically, five percent of desirable materials earned in the gathering process will be accepted.

Additional Notes

  • For lengthy construction processes, on-site furnishings must be provided. This must include a bed, a double chest for payment if applicable, and a crafting table.
  • Redstone and circuitry will not be included in the design/construction process. However, space will be made available for adding circuitry upon request.

Current Projects

  • Wizard's Guild.
    • Design of main structure: COMPLETE. Site Chosen
    • Gathering of Materials: Ongoing
    • Construction of Main Structure: 40% complete. Two towers complete. Three others under construction.
      • Construction of Guest Dorms: COMPLETE.
      • Construction of Storage Tower: 70% complete.
  • The Alpha Tower
    • As complete as it'll ever be.
  • The Omega Tower
    • Design of Structure: Ongoing.
    • Gathering of Materials: Ongoing
    • Construction: 5% complete.
      • Currently working on underground tunnels.

My Places

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