Western Depot

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Western Depot
A rail hub for Western settlement.
Location -173, 84, 6358
Administrators JamesOfJames
Transit service Central Nether Station

This is a proposed station that serves the settlements of The West. Its primary connection will be through NetherRail connection to Central Nether Station, though a line to Grand Central Station is feasible.

Proposed Connections and Coordinates

Western Depot Connections
Settlement x y z
Eternia 6 71 5575
The Great Valley 600 70 6100
Waterfalling 115 70 6350
Stonebridge 100 70 6650
Shoofpurgatory -850 75 6425
Boatmurdered -950 70 5525
Pirate Cove? 375 65 6175
PARTY CENTRAL? 250 70 6300

Given those X/Z coordinates, minus the ? destinations (as they are relatively close to served destinations,) the centroid is at 163, 6104. From the map, you can see this is rather close to the Great Library and my grinder, but far enough away that all existing/likely portals should not overlap with proper engineering. I propose we move the site slightly southwest to the nearby cliffs, where we have two main options for construction:

  1. Put the depot below sea/ground level, perhaps with access to observation platforms/towers on the cliff face. If any structure is visible above the surface, it is minimal and mostly functional. This provides easy connection to the typically low y coordinates at which most rail lines run.
  2. Put the depot on the surface atop the cliff for good scenic views. This may work well for hooking up to the main feeder line from Central Nether Station, which would likely run at a high y coordinate for safety/to keep out of the main caverns of the Nether. The slopes into/from the station will be longer, and the station will therefore require more power rail. I personally prefer this option, nonetheless.

Proposed Features

  1. Touchless Arrival and Departure - If possible, I would like to keep a cache of carts in reserve and one always waiting at the launch point at all times through redstone automation. Upon arrival, the waiting cart is moved out of the way, allowing your entrance, and following your exit from the cart, your cart will be replaced if you choose to take it with you. Upon departure/new destination selection, the launcher would be reset to automatically boost the cart once a player is detected entering the waiting cart.
  2. 16-24 Selectable Destinations - It wouldn't be too useful otherwise, as a large circuit isn't really practical in Terra. This can either be accomplished in a Grand Central Station-like binary fashion, or by simple button press based on a design such as this. I prefer the latter, which would take more redstone and allows for fewer destinations (perhaps 16 max) but would require less excavation and setup of the rails in/out.
  3. Brick Facade - I'd like the station to have a train-station like feel in its architecture if possible. In the terminus, I would like to add some tongue-in-cheek features such as a ticket office, a West tourism board office and gift shop, and other such anachronisms.
  4. Allow Access for Unoccupied Carts - I would like to allow usage of rails (at least within the confines of the station) by unoccupied carts, so that users coming and going can bring additional inventory along in Storage Carts. In a later stage of this project, I'd hope to add a bank/trade depot that can by switching carts off the mainline and into a storage facility.
  5. Detect Runaway Carts - This would have to be an optional setting, so that unoccupied storage carts would still be allowed to exit the station. If the prevention is on, unoccupied carts leaving the station would be fed back into the cache and a new empty cart would be sent to the launcher.

So what are people's thoughts on this? Is there anything you'd like added, or anything that seems extraneous? Do you have more destinations you'd like to see added? Should the site be moved? If a train leaves GCS at 9:30 at 8m/s and train leaves WD in the opposite direction 9:35 at 10 m/s, when will they be attacked by creepers and glitch into the wall? But yes, let me know your thoughts, either here or in channel. --JamesOfJames 08:55, 22 June 2011 (PDT)