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Waterfalling 5-30-2011.jpg
JamesOfJames' House
Location 114, 70, 6347
Administrators JamesOfJames
Transit service The Great Valley, Eternia

Waterfalling is the cliffside residence of JamesOfJames, situated in particularly dramatic terrain far in the West.



  • Main Residence
  • Indoor Farm
  • Rail Station with 4-way destination selection
  • Rail Tunnel to the Great Valley

Under Construction

  • Crafting Room with automated minecart storage system
  • Bomb-proof Obsidian-built storage
  • Rail tunnel to Eternia


  • Guest Quarters
  • Open-air Terrace
  • Rail tunnel to the Western Depot
  • Conversion of rail lines to powered rail capable of carrying occupied and unoccupied carts
  • Minecart dispenser & station