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104 21 -1853 skellies 55 26 -1839 zombies 1517 80 -1529 = 190 80 -191

Traps/rooms for Wizard's Guild initiation



  • A tree farm or two (wood will likely be needed to make some tools)


  • Lava lock
  • Figure out the right input to move a cart from booster to detector rail, detector unlocks iron door.
  • Minecart hidden underneath pool of lava, hop in to pass through lava & continue on.
  • Cactus maze
  • Tangled minecart track under glass floor - set the switches to get the cart to the end & unlock a door
  • Complete a circuit with one piece of redstone b/w torches hidden behind walls/under floor.
  • Ocarina puzzle
  • Cup swappy puzzle
  • Water flowing through branching flipfloppy thing
  • Who's your favorite rapper? + other stuff = dispenser-> shoot a droppy sand block or something, complete circuit


  • Long drop into a soulsand-floored room, dark and probably monsterful (could be a repo'd mob spawner, the way out would be illuminated with torches)
  • A "maintenance access" room fitted with a Furnace trap
  • A long drop minecart trap
  • Signs saying "congratulations, you made it, council chambers are just ahead" -> Art gallery with proximity mine.
  • Teleporter -> dark spawney room
  • Standard Indiana Jones dispenser-pressure plate floor
  • Pitfall -> fire pit -> soulsand-bottomed 2-deep pool = drownytimes
  • Trap TP on a chunkedge.