East Point

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East Point
East Point 1.png
Minecart Station at the Eastern Boundry
Location 2048, 40, 0
Administrators Ottilie
Transit service Zero Point, Ottilica

East Point is a minecart station situated under the ocean at the Eastern limit of our colonial area. It currently has minecart lines to Zero Point, and to Ottilie's House. There is a third launcher which is prepared for anyone else who wants to use it, who settles in the East (possibly the Wizard's Guild, due to East Point's location inside a large snow biome).

The station has a glass ceiling looking up into the waters of the local snow biome. There is a public bedroom, due to the long travel times from this station, as well as furnaces, a work bench, and two chests; one belonging to Ottilie, and the second for the use of whoever decides to use the third launcher.

The tunnels from East Point to both Ottilica and Zero Point are straight 1x3 tunnels which run at y40.

Note: The images of this location use a customised DokuCraft texture pack