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Minecraft name JamesOfJames
Real name James Eggleston
Minecraft home Montival Abbey
IRL location Richmond, Virginia, United States

A friend of Randy's from school days, member of the Wizard's Guild, President and CEO of Deep Vein Thrombosis Mining Company, and proponent of NetherRail. Builder of Montival Abbey and dedicated miner during the early days of the new server.


Exchange Rate - 48 Iron : 6 Gold : 1 Diamond


  • Lapiz and Gold blocks for the continuing beautification of Lazuli Central Station.
  • Wood blocks of all kinds, pine preferred.
  • Alchemical ingredients, such as Glowstone Powder, Glass Bottles (or glass), Spider Eyes (Fermented or otherwise,) and Gunpowder.
  • Bulk quantities of Smoothstone.


  • Diamond for essential equipment.
  • Bows (Encanted and regular) and Arrows in bulk quantity.
  • Bones and Bonemeal in bulk quantity.
  • Bread and Wheat in quantity.
  • String, White Wool, and Beds in quantity.
  • Stone smoothed, bricked, or cobbled to order.
  • Redstone in quantity.
  • Dirt in bulk quantity, cheap.

Release Server

My places

  • Montival Abbey - A medieval monastery-themed house, based on floor plans and buildings of Cistercian/Trappist monks. Construction has been suspended for now.
  • Wizard's Guild - While only a small portion was designed/built by me, I hired Lolcam as our architect, so that means I get all the credit due her.  :D We still need to finish this mess.
  • Ye Publick Mine - A place deep under the ocean where folks can go to harvest resources if they don't feel like digging their own branch mine. Under Construction.
  • Emerald City - or whatever I'm going to name it. A city funded by trading villagers for emeralds and glistening with gold
  • Undisclosed Location - An abandoned mine reopened by Deep Vein Thrombosis Mining Company to bring JamesOfJames back to his miner's roots and replenish dwindling supplies.
  • As of 2/2/2012, dibs on this town? Yep. Dibs.

Beta Server

A friend of Randy's from school days, settler of The West, member of the Wizard's Guild, President and CEO of Deep Vein Thrombosis Mining Company, proponent of NetherRail and the Western Depot, co-builder of Boatmurdered, and builder of Waterfalling, James' Tower, and Magekeep.

My places


TaviRider-inspired projects

And now, for TaviRider:

These dice were built mostly to test the theory that detector rail could be used to make a compact RNG. At the moment, I'd say that it is possible, though my implementation is flawed - I still get a null result and a double result on a more-than-occasional basis. The left side was built first and was found to be deeply flawed, with double results as common/more common than single results. After troubleshooting for some time to little result, I built the right side with a larger roller loop - I supposed, based on the high occurrence of the left-side roller giving double numbers, that a larger circuit for the cart might help - this one is designed so that the cart will never be touching two detector rails at once. Nonetheless, double numbers are still rolled - to help cull these, I've timed the call button to hit each NOR gate simultaneously. I've also wired the button into the reset line of the RSNOR latches with a delay, which *should* be weeding out all results but those pulled in a 1-tick window. I also attempted adding a pulse generator to the button to reduce the amount of time the NOR gates were closed, but ended up getting too many nulls. I suppose the detector rails must be producing overlapping signals still, though watching the torches would suggest otherwise.

Personal notes


Things Magekeep needs

  • Farm, maybe windmill for flavor.