The Great Valley

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The Great Valley
Great valley ne.png
A lush valley partly surrounded by high cliffs.
Location 600, 70, 6100
Administrators Randall
Transit service Eternia

The Great Valley is a tree-filled valley discovered and settled by Randall. It is located far to the west, about 5km west of God Complex and 2.5 km due west of Arcadia. It's surrounded by high cliffs which reach up past y=110, and contains lakes, caves, rocky overhangs, and a waterfall. It is fully lit by torches, although monsters have been spotted spawning there twice (but hell if anyone wants to light it more densely than it's already lit).

The valley is completely enclosed by a chain of glass, earth, and rock walls. It connects to the main rail system via a 1km tunnel to Eternia, which has a 4km tunnel to Grand Central Station. It also has a rail line to Waterfalling.