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This is the wiki for SNG's Minecraft server.[kittens needed] The server is currently whitelisted and membership is available by invitation only.

This wiki is open to the public for viewing, but editing requires an account, and creating an account is limited to invited members.

Basic information

  • Server hostname: mc.colobox.com (SRV enabled)
  • Server version: 1.3.2
  • Mumble hostname: Same as Minecraft
  • Map (updated every other day): mc.colobox.com/map
  • If you want to trade, advertise, beg for resources, etc, check out the back alley.
  • Currently running new world (which isn't that new anymore).

The Haps(TM)

  • 2012-09-04: The terrain file has been updated in Overviewer; previously unknown blocks in the map should update the next time its chunk changes.
  • 2012-09-02: The wiki's registration system has been updated to be self-serve, but needs a password which is changed daily. When you get to the signup page, you should be able to figure out where to get the password.
  • 2012-09-02: With the 1.3 release, /me commands from within MC will no longer display on the console, so creeper can't forward them to IRC. Damn. IRC /me will still go the other way.

House rules

  • Be nice.
  • Follow the 3 basic rules of Minecraft. These are what people are referring to when they say something like "I just fell into lava by violating Rule #1".
    1. Do not dig straight down.
    2. Do not dig straight up.
    3. No really, DO NOT DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!
  • Do not take items from other people's chests, unless it explicitly says they're for community use.
    Of course, consider offering a chest of free food/tools for your guests!
  • Replace Minecarts at train depots.
  • Do not abuse TPing, and do not TP to another user without their permission.
  • Ops are on their honor not to abuse /give, which should not be used except when needed. These days, "when needed" means "never".



This wiki is new, so things are still being organized. In the meantime, here are some basic guidelines for editing:

  • Categorize all pages! A list of categories is here.
  • An interwiki namespace is available as "mcw" for the Minecraft Wiki. So, for example Crafting Table is [[mcw:Crafting Table|Crafting Table]].
  • If possible, it's preferred that you use an image editor, take the PNG screenshots Minecraft creates, and convert them to JPG. PNG screenshots are needlessly large.
  • For Places, make use of the built-in categorization and infobox features. Viewing the source of Finnix Tower is a good start.
  • When referring to coordinates, use the {{mc coords}} template. It automatically links to the specified coordinates in the interactive map.

This wiki currently has 54 articles! (More statistics)