Finnix Tower

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Finnix Tower
Finnix Tower day.jpg
A bigass tower
Location 266, 70, 1041
Administrators fo0bar
Transit service God Complex, Bedrock foot tunnels

Finnix Tower is a spiral staircase tower going nearly to the top of the map (Y=121, to allow for misc things at the top). It is the centerpiece of fo0bar's domain, located directly north of God Complex. The tower staircase also extends down to the bedrock foot tunnels.

"Finnix Tower" also refers to fo0bar's domain in the area as a whole, which includes:

  • Finnix Tower itself
  • The Strategic Cake Reserve
  • Underwater field (immediately above the Cake Reserve)
  • Farm/keep
  • Underwater glass observatory (to the west, near the farm)
  • Large over-water foot bridge leading to a mine

Finnix Tower was named by Randall after Finnix, and fo0bar couldn't think of a better name.