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If you need to trade or, ahem, acquire items, I know this guy, you know. He hangs out in the back alley, and can totally hook you up. Don't worry, he's cool.

Active Trades

  • JamesOfJames is RP'ing a miner for the near future, and is your source for any ores you may need. For a full list of his prices, wares, and wanted items, see his trading info.

Old trades

2011-03-23, User:Fo0bar - I have a hotel I want to blow up. It started as an idea to dig out a chunk of mountain and build an inset hotel with 5 stories, 38 rooms plus penthouse. I have 28 of the rooms and the penthouse dug out with glass in the normal rooms, and some of the hallways dug.

But I'm not happy with the direction it's going. The proposed standard room design is OK, but not great. The view from the inside out looks awesome, but the hotel looks like a prison from the outside. And it's going to take a lot of miscellaneous resources to fill all the rooms, design the penthouse, run transit to the hotel, etc.

So rather than complete or abandon the project, I want to destroy it, Vegas style. Finish adding glass, light it up like a Christmas tree, make a viewing platform, and wire each room with TNT, with a bunch in the penthouse to take it out plus the top of the mountain. I'd like to wire the TNT up with Redstone repeaters to introduce delays, and turn it into a coordinated show (culminating in the destruction of the penthouse).

If this happens, you're all invited to watch! We'll set a time that works for as many people as possible. I'm hoping to also get video of it from several angles.

What I'll need:

  • Redstone (I have about 4 stacks, but will definitely need more)
  • Sulfur/Gunpowder, enough for about 50 TNT
  • Planning help from someone good with Redstone circuits (Lev?)
  • Fencing, most of which can be reclaimed for other uses (we'll fence in and light up the large front yard so people can safely watch the show at night)
  • Building help

Offers of assistance

I have 25 - 30 stacks of redstone dust I expect to never use: I'll happily give whatever you need of them to this endeavor. --TheValliant 14:57, 23 March 2011 (PDT)

Ongoing Trades

User:TheValliant - My mob grinder provides more goods that I need. I always have leather, string, feathers and arrows. I want rarer blocks, such as snow, clay and mossy cobblestone.

  • JamesOfJames - I'll be needing Gold/Powered Rail for the forseeable future. I have plenty of food to trade, and several stacks of most items. Iron and Iron Blocks are also at a premium; I have lots of Brick and other less-common blocks to trade and can acquire other goods (especially mob drops.)
    • PS - for simplicity's sake, why don't we decide on some item to be a fiat currency? Iron bars & blocks, perhaps? Or Slimeballs?